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NV-6633 U-Shape Sofa

RM 13,200.00

LR/A 1.5S - H930 x D1030 x W1150 x SH430MM
N/A 3S - H930 x D1030 x W1660 x SH430MM  
LR/A DBX - H930 x D1680 x W1150 x SH430MM
CNR - H930 x D1240 x W1240 x SH430MM
Sofa Type - Fully Washable        
Sofa Frame - Solid Timber+Plywood+Z Spring        
Back Cushion - Imported Micro Fiber        
Seat Cushion - Full High Density Foam        
Sofa Leg - 5" High Solid Steel Leg (Black)        
* Back Cushion With Adjustable        
* Arm Rest With Adjustable